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Inside the City Budget

Creating a great place to live doesn’t happen by accident. It takes vision, commitment and it takes thoughtful financial planning. In Kelowna, the bold goal of the annual budget process is to create the best city of its size in North America. What lifts Kelowna above other cities is the quality and quantity of services offered within the financial limits of the annual budget.

Kelowna is one of the most fiscally responsible mid-sized cities in Canada, raising two-thirds of revenues from sources other than taxation. In our 2012 Citizen Survey, we heard that 81 per cent of residents say they receive good value for their taxes. And the City of Kelowna has been awarded the Government Finance Officers Association Award of Excellence for 11 years in a row.

The City of Kelowna’s annual budget aims for a balance between setting a reasonable tax rate and delivering services expected by residents and businesses. For details, see the Document Centre and sign up for e-Subscribe updates direct to your inbox.

2014 Budget at a Glance

Protective services
Protective Services keep our community safe. Funding includes:

  • Kelowna Fire Department - $14 million
  • Police Services - $25 million
  • Cost to taxpayer per month: $47

Active Living & Culture 
The City offers diverse programming, supports local sport and cultural development & operates the Kelowna Community Theatre. Funding includes:

  • Sport & event development - $2.8 million 
  • Community & neighbourhood programs - $708,508
  • Cost to taxpayer per month: $9

Parks, Beaches & trails

  • Bernard Avenue streetscaping - $500,000
  • Stuart Park Phase 2 - $950,000
  • Cost to taxpayer per month: $16

Transit & Transportation
Investments in new transportation infrastructure in 2014, include:

  • Queensway Transit Exchange - $5.4 million
  • Lakeshore Bridge - $3.5 million
  • Cost to taxpayer per month: $25

Kelowna international airport (YLW)
The focus for 2014 includes:

  • Air terminal building improvements - $470,000 
  • Cost to taxpayer per month: $0 (YLW is self-funded by users)

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