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Recycling Services


The City of Kelowna and the Regional District of the Central Okanagan have partnered in providing local recycling operations including curbside collection.

Since 2000, homeowners receiving municipal garbage collection have also received a biweekly "blue bag" recycling pickup service -  a program has had a great success in capturing 40 per cent more material than the depot-only system.

In April 2009, a new automated collection system replaced the blue-bag pickups. The new three cart system, includes a cart specifically for recyclables.

As with the old system, no sorting is required and certain items, such as glass and styrofoam are not accepted. Recyclables can simply be placed in the proper receptacle (no bags are needed) and wheeled to the curb on pickup days. For pickup days on your area or a complete list of acceptable items, please visit the Waste Reduction Office website or flip through your Living Greener Calendar. 

Bylaws in Kelowna require property owners and strata councils to provide onsite recycling for residents living in multi-family complexes. Recycling depots accept also extra materials and recyclables from apartments, multi-family customers and small businesses.

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